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【READY STOCK】High Pressure Drain Buster Toilet Plug Sink Plunger Tool Pump
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Product Description:

  • Brand new and high quality!
  • Simple structure and easy effective operation
  • Saving your time and money on harsh chemicals that corrode your pipes over time.
  • It works just like a miniature plunger with the convenience of a pump handle for maximum efficiency.
  • Suitable for various pipeline dredge in bathroom and kitchen.
  • Adapted to various water outlets.
  • Type: Toilet cleaner
  • Material: Rubber
  • Color: As shown in the pictures.
  • Inner diameter:6cm
  • Whole diameter:17cm
  • Product length:43cm
  • Extended length:19cm



  • Please choose the appropriate sucker and attach it to the pipe orfice tightly without any gap in case of pressure leakage.
  • Press the handle to the lowest point and then pull it so that a temporary vacuum state will come into being between the piston inside and the pipeline, which can produce strong suction force. Repeat pulling and pressing, the sewage in the toilet will get out so as to restore the cleanness of the pipe.
  • Please make sure of no water leakage and looseness in case of air leakage and pipe falling off.
  • After attaching the sucker to the pipe orfice, add a little water around the sucker to increase the tightness.