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CGR1【96 x 64 x 110cm】 Stainless Steel Pet Dog Cat Rabbit Cage Crate House Home / Rumah Haiwan Anjing Kucing Sangkar
Price RM460.00 RM700.00
Product SKU Stainless Steel 【ROOF】96 x 64 x 80
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Product Description:

  • Product Size: 96 x 64 x 110cm 【Referring to Main Picture】
  • Long-Lasting Stainless-Steel Cage
  • HIGH QUALITY Premium Cage
  • Color: Silver
  • Suitable for: Cat, Dog, Rabbit and etc
  • Each part of the bold designed by the technician according to the size of the pet.
  • Door carefully designed
  • To prevent pet from opening inside
  • Owners no longer have to worry about pet ran out secretly from the cage.
  • 100% Brand new
  • Suitable for boarding and kittens
  • With 4 Wheels
  • Manufacturer Direct Supply
  • GUARANTEE Lowest price


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Size and Variation Available:
【1】Stainless Steel (ROOF) Pet Cage

  • 【A】96 x 64 x 110cm
  • 【B】105 x 78 x 113cm
  • 【C】125 x 78 x 114cm
  • 【D】127 x 95 x 133cm
  • 【E】150 x 95 x 135cm

【2】Stainless Steel (FLAT) Pet Cage

  • 【A】62 x 46 x 62cm
  • 【B】96 x 64 x 80cm
  • 【C】105 x 78 x 95cm
  • 【D】125 x 78 x 94cm
  • 【E】127 x 95 x 112cm
  • 【F】150 x 95 x 114cm